Tradelines: 6 ways to add tradelines to credit report

Tradelines: 6 Ways To Add Tradelines to Credit Reports

After learning how to add tradelines to your credit reports you can enjoy lower interest rates, easier approvals

Tradelines: 6 ways to add tradelines to credit report

What are Tradelines?

Tradelines are what the financial industry calls credit accounts. If you have a credit card, loan, line of credit, etc... you have a tradeline

After you add trade lines to your credit report you can start getting approved for credit and financing on your own at some of the best rates.

  1. Ask your parent, close relative or spouse if they will add you as an authorized user on their credit card account/s that have perfect payment histories and debt below 15%. You can piggyback credit off another persons perfect payment history while establishing your own good credit history.
  2. If you don't know anyone who will add and you don't have years to wait, you need to Contact for your free consultation -> Tradelines
  3. Get a secured credit card or loan from a bank or two. You can get this by depositing approximately $300 or more dollars and asking for credit card or loan. You may also want to do both, as having three or more credit tradelines in good standing is the key to lower rates and other opportunities that you can take advantage of if you have good credit.
  4. Get rent payments reported to raise your credit scores. There are a few companies that offer this service and you can find them online.
  5. Get department store credit cards. Some department stores will let you open an account. Be careful as these many of these types of accounts have high interest rates.
  6. Ask other businesses who extend you credit to report your perfect payment history to the credit bureaus. Businesses don't have to report your payment history but sometimes will.
  7.  Get your cell phone bill and utility bill added to your credit reports. Experian now lets you add these bills to your credit files. The service is called Experian boost.


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