LA weeds brand reviews domain name jacker

La Weeds Brand – La weeds Brand Here

La Weeds Brand by kushfly has 1100 Reviews Of which atleast 970 are Bad

The main complaint seems to  be the weed doesn’t have any thc, doesnt work, the wrong orders being delivered, deliveries being hours late, selling generic and fake products of other brands.


La Weeds Brand Review

You can See La Weeds Brand Reviews from over 1100 past clients of kushfly

It appears as if the generic la weeds brand is a plural version of another cannabis/cbd related business.

I dont know how they think can use the plural version of an already existing business to distribute their garbage, to guess its better than selling fake products under their business name which is kushfly


La Weeds Brand Activities.

From online reviews and other research we can see that Management and Owner of Kushfly are Criminals.

  1. They have secured the business domain of an already existing business which is in the same industry.
  2. Their Logo is also really similar to La Weed as it now has the same font type
  3. Their Logo now also has a marijuana leaf connected to the LA Weeds Graphic

In Conclusion..

The GENERIC La Weeds brand is a blatant attempt to steal from and convince clients that is is the official brand of


Beware of shady people who front like business men,  These crooks who are impersonating Entrepreneurs need to be sued in court and have licenses taken.


Example of the generic la weeds brand old logo immediately below after they tried to by the domain through Ahmet

That should have told them the plural version of an existing businesses name was not to be used. Then again its a lack of respect and the attempted Brand jacking by an unscrupulous  bad business person. David Laura and or the management of kushfly.

LA weeds brand reviews domain name jacker


Below is the newer version as seen in 2021 After the representative from LaWeed contacted them regarding the use of a plural version of their name in 2020. – See immediately below


The Real LaWeed Brand and its logo since 2017 – See immediately below

La Weed Brand Logo


ASs you can see not only did they use the same font the theifs put the marijiana leaf on the letter A like LaWeed