High Interest Credit Cards

High interest credit cards are very easy to get but, the interest rate only matters if you carry balances your balances. People who have had judgments, bankruptcies or have a bad credit rating are most likely to apply for high interest credit cards. Many low interest credit card issuers will allow you to transfer balances from higher interest credit cards but you must have a good credit rating. One of The most important things about balance transfers is the amount of money it will potentially save you over time if you have a high interest credit card/s that you carry a balance on.


Be aware some credit card companies will try multiple methods to get you signed up and then if your late on a payment for any reason, they charge large fees. This could happen even if your credit card payment is only one or two days late. Those considering applying for a major high interest credit card to establish or re-establish new credit should always consider the total price they will pay. Even those who don't qualify for low interest credit cards should still shop around and compare other cards to make sure you get the best deal available.


Most credit card issuers base the interest rates you'll pay on your credit score. This tells them how you use your credit and if you pay your bills on time or not. If you have a card that has high interest rates you NEVER want to carry a balance. If you do get a low interest credit card and ever make a payment late, the higher default interest rate goes into affect, sometimes it's up to 25 percent, making it very hard if not impossible to pay the bill off. The difference between high interest credit cards and low interest cards could cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year.

Getting your high interest credit cards paid off as soon as possible should be a top concern if you do have those. Whenever your credit scores improve try to transfer all high interest credit card balances, some transfer cards even offer a 0% introductory offers for balance transfers, making it easier to pay off your debt much faster. This is actually another subject which should be taught in school instead only being taught in schools of business finance classes.